Flash Web Vampire!

Extract any SWF files directly from websites, automatically, including resource files. e.g. external SWF, XML, pictures, mp3.

The screenshot of SWF Web vampire.
It is not very easy to download all SWF files for a web page because there are too many external SWF can be load by main SWF movie.
SWF Web Vampire scans SWF from Internet Explorer's Cache Files, so any SWFs you viewed will be saved by it. Plus, Louis extract FLV, JPG, XML, MP3, JS, CSS and other resources for a whole website.

Key Features:

Price: $29.95

How to use?

  1. Make sure you have visited the webpage you want to extract.
  2. Run SWF Web Vampire. Enter the URL you want to scan.
  3. Click 'Sucking' button to start extracting.
  4. * Click 'yes' if program hints you need to visit the URL first because it can not find the cache files.
  5. The extracted SWFs will be listed.
  6. Click 'Display All Resources', you will find all resources and SWFs for this web page.
  7. Click 'Save selected' to save them.